Adult Onesie Style T-Shirt

Our Adult Onesie Style torso length T-shirts make sure everything stays just where it's supposed to. You never have to worry about bending over because your T-shirt always stays tucked in. Patterned after infant style "Onesies", these T-shirts wrap through, and snap at the front of the crotch with forward facing snap closures for easy opening when dressing. By helping keep wet or soiled diapers close to the body they can reduce or eliminate drooping and sagging until there's an opportunity to change. Stop worrying about embarrassing exposure. Available in Pink, Blue or White. Made of 100% cotton, these are made to be comfortable and roomy. Colors can look somewhat different on your screen due to differences in computer settings. Color shades may also vary somewhat from one production run to another.

Customer Review: okay but

I actually think this is a nice shirt. The one problem that I find with it is that it is long. I buy these to hold up the diaper so that it does not sag. this was a bit too long for that, maybe a good washing will shrink it a little. If you like thick diapers it may be good for you. I use 8 ply cloth or disposables and it was not a big help.

Customer Review: Comfy and functional

I ordered the small blue variant of this product and overall I'm very satisfied. The material is very soft and the fit is good. The only problem I have had so far is that one of the snaps ripped out in the wash I think. I think I can fix it myself but I hadn't had it too long. I think it's because I washed the shirt with the crotch flap open and the snap got hung up on something. Apart from that I am extremely happy with my purchase. Also the shipping was much faster than anticipated. Thanks!


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